Some would say the reason Ireland is so green is the amount of rain that falls, which when you study the statistics seems to be a fairly accurate assessment, especially in the west and more so in the area around The Maam Valley. The average rain fall in the Dublin is 8oomm and in the Maam area it is 28oomm.

Because Ireland's climate is affected most by south-westerly winds coming from the Atlantic Ocean, the areas of the country which get the most rainfall tend to lie in the western end of the country. The western, north western and south western areas as well as the more mountainous areas of the country tend to get the most precipitation.

Annually the west has an average of225 days of rain Any wonder we are so green!. Whilst the rain can be oppressive at times the other main concern is the wind. Whilst Met Eireann do not provide specific data, living in a mountainous area does have its problems with micro climates in each area. The wind deflects off the mountains and on numerous occasions had left structural damage, which would not even be noticed by the national weather service.