Waterways And Fishing

Most of the Maam Valley is drained by the Joyce-Bealnabrack river systems which flow into Lough Corrib to the east of Maam Bridge. The southern section near the Maum Turk Mountains is drained by the Failmore River which joins Joyces River east of Maam Bridge just before it enters Lough Corrib.

All of the rivers are spate rivers and consequently most of the fish are landed during periods of flood. Brown trout, in particular and to a lesser extent perch, salmon and pike are the most interesting species caught.

Maam Valley is ideally situated as an access point to Lough Corrib (brown trout and salmon), Lough Mask (brown trout), Lough Nafooey (pike) and Killary Harbour (mackerel). All fishing is free. Jetties have been developed at Maam Bridge to give more direct access to Lough Corrib.