Historical Places Of Interest

Maam has a variety of interesting places to visit Starting as you come into Maam you can stop off and visit the old ruins where the 1952 film The Quiet Man was filmed staring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. Take a walk across the original bridge a walk around the ruins. (But remember do not take any of the ruins away with you)

Then on to Kirk Castle (Castle of the Hen) is considered to be the oldest fortress of its kind in Ireland. Unfortunately again in the nineteenth Century the Castle was vandalized and hundreds of its stones were taken to build houses in the area. As a result the interior is now a pile of stones and weeds. But still today the Castle is still a very impressive sight.

Take the road from Maam Bridge up through Cur and out to Maumeen following the Western Way. Park at the bridge and take the track up to find St Patrick’s bed and St Patrick ’s wall, which attracts local pilgrims on the last Sunday in July. The pilgrimage was closed down in the early 20*“ century because of the heavy drinking and fighting that went on after the mass between the people from the various surrounding areas

Continue the journey through the valley, taking the road from Cur to the Glen of Glenlosh which is extremely rich in prehistoric and early historic sites. Including standing stones, many fulachta fiadha (bronze age cooking sites) and an early Christian ring fort as well as an old IRA hideout.

Some time in 1920 the IRA. built a dug-out in the Glenlosh Valley to store arms. Later on it was slept in occasionally by men "on the run”. It could contain twelve at a time. It was quite comfortable and roomy inside. The roof was of galvanized iron camouflaged on top with stones, grass and heather to make it look part of the landscape

Across the Valley from Glenlosh is the local parish church of Kilmilkin The Kilmilkin Church at Maam houses the stained glass window of St. Brendan (1950) by Dublin born Evie Hone (1894 - 1955).

Now that you have nearly completed your tour of the beautiful Maam valley there is only one place left to go, The now world famous Joe Keanes Bar and enjoy a nice tea or coffee with a toasted sandwich!