Keanes Pub

Built in 1820 by the Scottish engineer ALEXANDER NIMMO as his residence and pay office. In that year he was commissioned by the British Government to bring relief to the poverty-stricken West. Thus, the first roads and bridges were built in Connemara.
After Nimmos death, it was leased to Charles O'Rourke who ran it as a Coaching Inn. It was known as 'MAAM HOTEL'.
A 'Visitors Book', purchased in 1854, is still extant. Entries there bear witness to the comfort and welcome those first tourists to Connemara received, and their appreciation of the scenery in the Maam Valley.
As properties in the area at that time were in the ownership of 'THE LANDLORD' - in the case of the Maam Hotel the landlord was the unpopular Lord Leitrim.
He retained the right to occupy with his retinue every room. Arriving unannounced he would order travellers out of their beds! It is recorded that one very wet night a visitor challenged him - a fight ensued, and this time the LANDLORD was EVICTED!